BONNAROO MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL (Manchester, Tennessee)



BONNAROO MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL (Manchester, Tennessee)

Bonnaroo highlights an assorted arrangement of 150+ artists and all the more consistently. With 10+ execution stages, 4 campsite party horse shelters, and diversion that goes ALL NIGHT LONG, you won't be exhausted. 

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Outdoors at Bonnaroo is not really "outdoors" by most meanings of the word – it's a constant experience of disclosure and human association with your kindred Bonnaroovians, and a key to the stand-out Bonnaroo experience.

So much space for exercises! Regardless of whether you're relaxing at yoga, painting water-colors with a nearby craftsman, or bringin' the warmth in the Eighth "First Annual" 5k, we have what you're searching for (and a lot of the unforeseen as well).

Fill your end of the week with the best perspectives, restrictive guilty pleasures and loosening up parlors with the GA+, VIP and Platinum experience.

"Bonnaroo" is really Creole slang for "Good Stuff" and kid, do we have bunches of that. Go for a stroll around the grounds, make the most of our various intuitive workmanship establishments, and bring home some cool specialties and banners from the commercial center or Bonnaroo Works Fund Auction while you're busy!

Who says you can't have a great time while changing the world? We would simply prefer not to be the best celebration. We seek to be the greenest celebration and to set the norm in supportability and greening rehearses for North American show occasions. Include the all year work of our devoted philanthropic (The Bonnaroo Works Fund) and you have yourself a formula for genuine change.

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