Every year, as April moves around, a huge number of Thai individuals plan for the New Year. Houses are cleaned from rooftop to cellar. Endowments are purchased in readiness. The humming of fervor in the roads is certain. Songkran in Thailand is an anxiously anticipated celebration to go through with loved ones, prepared to invite the New Year and all the guarantees that it brings.

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Formally occurring on the thirteenth of April every year, Songkran is a public occasion in Thailand. In any case, most festivals start at any rate seven days ahead of time and go on until the sixteenth of April. It's seven days brimming with cheer, festivity and reflection on the year that has passed. The word 'Songkran' originates from the Sanskrit word 'samkranti' which means change or change, and it is on this note that the Thai public get the New Year. It is standard to wish each other 'sawatdee pi mai' or 'Happy New Year'.

Until 1888, Songkran was the authority New Year of Thailand. Today, it is praised in different nations like China, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar as well. It is normally connected with the component of water which connotes richness, love, appreciation and empathy.

The first official day of festival on thirteenth April is called Maha Songkran. It's daily devoted to the valuation for seniors in the nation. Families honor their old family members and give them blessings and desserts. They make traditional foods, for example, dark spice jam, a dense tea called Chao kuai and pan fried pork called khaep mu.

The second day of Songkran called Wan Nao is connoted by the sun going among Pisces and Aries. On this day, there are loads of formal customs acted in sanctuaries. A typical convention is the assortment of sand (intended to represent earth gathered on their feet in the previous year) and taking it to religious communities and sanctuaries.

The seven day stretch of Songkran is brimming with representative conventions. Individuals visit their neighborhood sanctuaries and offer supplications, after which they disperse food to the priests. At the sanctuary, they pour water over sculptures of Buddha which speaks to the cleansing of sins in the course of the most recent year. At home, families get to know each other and honor their precursors. It is viewed as basic for the family to clean the house together before the festival as it washes away their misfortune and sprinkling water around the house is intended to prompt fruitful precipitation.


In 2020, Songkran will begin on thirteenth April, Wednesday and end on fifteenth April, Friday.

Every year, thirteenth of April denotes the start of the festival of the coming New Year. The merriments last till the fifteenth of April which is the day of Thai New year. At times, the dates of the merriments are additionally reached out by the Thai government, to let individuals travel home for the festivals.


Songkran is a celebration that is mainstream across Thailand albeit every district praises it in an unexpected way. In the north, individuals celebrate by making huge amounts of food to convey between family, companions and priests at the sanctuary just as blasting sparklers in the night. In focal Thailand, individuals tidy up their home and dress in customary clothing. Another representative signal here is the arrival of wild creatures like winged animals and fish. In the east, it is standard to visit sanctuaries and make sand pagodas and plan nourishment for elderly individuals from the family. In the south, individuals recognize Songkran by abstaining from going through cash and being honest.

During this week, significant roads are shut down. Rather, these roads are utilized for monstrous water battles where individuals come arranged with water weapons and enormous cans. It's a delightful sight to watch siblings and sisters, closest companions or even outsiders pelt each other with water inflatables and share a snicker together in their soaked dress. There are likewise Nang Songkran marches with huge Buddha drifts moving across town. Observers frequently toss water at these buoys to purge themselves for the New Year. There are mainstream Miss Songkran rivalries that are held in significant urban areas of Thailand too.


Festivities of Songkran can be discovered all over Thailand. On the off chance that it is a water battle that you look for, the most mainstream spots are Khao San Road and Silom Road in Bangkok. Plan to see a great many individuals along the road searching for new faces to soak!

Phuket is another middle for festivities. Will undoubtedly observe many sea shore parties during this time, particularly in the business territories of Patong sea shore, Bangla Road and Saphan Hin Park. In northern Thailand, the gathering city of Pattaya offers phenomenal gatherings too. On the off chance that you are in Koh Samui right now, you can get the merriments as well, but restrained from the ones celebrated in Phuket and Pattaya. Chaweng sea shore is a well known spot for the festivals of the Thai New Year which has wild gatherings. The waterfront side of western Koh Samui is where you can appreciate Songkran celebration being commended customarily.

For those looking for a more serious festival experience, the memorable city of Chiang Mai is an amazing spot to go. As the previous capital of the Lanna realm which keeps on holding canals and remnants of manors, it is a social and strict focus. Consistently, it sees customary festivals of Songkran. Individuals accumulate at Thapae Gate close to an organization of channels that was at one time a fortification for the 'Old City'. For a Songkran involvement with a sanctuary, Wat Ratchabophit and Wat Prayoon in Bangkok are serene areas.


The roads can become busy, so anticipate substantial traffic.

It is prescribed to book inns ahead of time, as this is a prime period for sightseers.

The festivals for the most part start at 10 AM and go on till 8 PM.

On the off chance that you don't care for getting doused, at that point it is suggested you stay inside.

The neighborhood priests are not to be soaked as they are profoundly venerated.

While outside make certain to convey your basics, for example, wallets and cell phones in waterproof pockets to evade any harm.

It is viewed as improper to wear uncovering garments or swimwear during this time. Make certain to get settled however not very agreeable!!

Continuously wish anybody you can ?Sawadee Bee Mai?. It implies ?Happy New Year? in Thai.

In the event that you intend to visit Thailand in April, the Songkran celebration is a phenomenal opportunity to be there. It's one of the most anticipated a long time in the year and local people enthusiastically welcome vacationers to go along with them in these merriments. On the off chance that you despise getting wet, at that point Songkran probably won't be the best an ideal opportunity to go however in case you're searching for a cut of Thai culture at its best, what better an ideal opportunity to visit?


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